Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Those Tiny Victorians - Antique Victorian Peacock Bracelet

I so wanted to wear this bracelet! I have tried everything and to no avail. It just does not fit. This antique Victorian bracelet was made for an extremely small wrist! Even my super thin friends have tried it on and it is too small. It is like looking for Cinderella! Surely there is a wrist in the kingdom that could wear this beautiful bracelet. :) Could a piece this elaborate have been made for a child or perhaps a teenager? Or were Victorian women just really tiny?

The peacock symbolized resurrection, beauty of the soul, and immortality. It was often used in Victorian mourning jewelry. I have been collecting antique Victorian peacock jewelry for years now. This is from my collection. This bracelet dates to C1875 - C1880. Made of a rolled gold with gold and silver applied designs. There are beautiful engraved details on the front panel. Look at those sweet little birds.

It has a place for a safety chain, but the hardware for this chain is missing. Long gone. The shape of the bracelet is a little off kilter.

Look at all of that detailed applied granular and wire work. All done in the Etruscan revival style that was so popular during this era.

The back of the bracelet. You can see that it has a slightly pink tint...and lots of wear to the finish.

I think that a wrist reduction is out of the question for me...So you may see this beautiful bracelet listed in my shop sometime in the near future.

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing this bracelet.

Happy Collecting!

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  1. how beautiful, and what intricate work. I can't imagine what it would cost to produce something like that these days...