Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oh, Baby!....Antique Baby Jewelry

Antique Victorian Baby's Locket C1890
Though not a mom myself, if I had children, I would definitely start them out young on the bling! I just would not be able to stop myself! I don't know if it says so in the Bible or not, but I would be willing to bet that even Eve put some kind of jewelry or adornment on Cain and Abel when they were babies. I mean, what mom could resist? The Victorians and Edwardians loved to put jewelry on their children. Whether it be for beauty or function. Bib pins and diaper pins were often decorative as well as useful. The Victorians believed that a strand of coral worn by children, boys and girls alike, would protect them from evil spirits. Now I would call THAT functional!! :)

Teeny Tiny Antique Victorian Baby Bracelet With Seashells and Heart
Today we would be terrified for a child to wear a baby bracelet like this without adult supervison. All of those tiny little shells would go straight into a baby's mouth! Yikes! You have to admit is an adorable little bracelet! Maybe the Victorians used pieces like this for photo props. Did they use photo props back then? Yes they did!

You can see how tiny this bracelet is...and I have small hands.
Another view
Three Teeny Antique Edwardian Baby Pins C1910
These little sterling and abalone shell pins were pretty and functional. They were used as baby pins or lingerie pins. Most likely baby pins. There are many doll collectors that use antique baby jewelry to adorn their dolls. The baby jewelry is often the perfect size for dolls. These precious pieces can certainly complete a look!

Tiny Antique Edwardian Pug or Bulldogs Pin C1905
This cute little Edwardian dog pin would have been the perfect piece of jewelry for that special little boy! Today it would look great on a sweater or a hat. Even as a tie pin for Dad! Perhaps start a collection of teeny antique pins and wear them in clusters or groups. Just have fun collecting them! It is true that good things come in small packages!

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