Wednesday, September 16, 2009

These Victorian Ladies Still Have A Lot To Say!

As a collector and dealer of antique and vintage jewelry, it is so important that we can still find these wonderful photos and cabinet cards of women (men also). Not only for the beauty and history...but also to use as references when researching pieces of jewelry.

Some of the cards or photos are dated...some even have the name of the person and where the photo was taken right on the back. You can pick up a cabinet card or photo for a very reasonable price! It is really fun to display similar items of jewelry found in the photos with jewelry from your own collection. Even placing them together in shadow boxes.

I would like to thank DovelySells, thevintagemode , MarthasAttic, OldTymeNotions and vintagehomerecycled for the use of there photos for this article. You can click on the pictures and it will take you right to the listings in their shops. Be SURE and visit their beautiful shops as well! You will enjoy every minute of it! And yes...Etsy does have Vintage!

Cabinet Photo Of Victorian Young Woman

This cabinet card photo can be found in MarthasAttic on Etsy. Look at that beautiful bookchain with locket attached. Very fashionable! I have to comment on that teeny tiny waist! WOW! She looks just lovely!

This lovely lady can be found in thevintagemode shop on Etsy. Note the long necklace...
It looks to be made of tortoise shell with what maybe a very large tortoise shell locket. She is also wearing beautiful dangle earrings. Also notice the plaid and ruffles together. Somethings are always in style.

Cart de Vista Victorian Woman Sarah Stewart Photograph 1800s

This haunting beauty can be found at DovelySells on Etsy. It is hard to notice the jewelry for her beautiful eyes! She is wearing a bar pin and a heavy chain. The chain most likely is a slide chain that perhaps has a locket attached.

Victorian Cabinet Card Of Lady In Mourning c1895

This somber and sad Victorian lady is wearing a lovely beaded jet mourning necklace with matching earrings. She can be found at vintagehomerecycled.

1800's Antique Victorian Portrait Of An Actress CDV Card

This beauty is ready for the limelight! She is now appearing in OldTymeNotions on Etsy. She is adorned with pearls...earrings and necklace. Definitely not mourning attire. Simply beautiful!

I do hope that you have enjoyed this article! It is true that a picture speaks a thousand words...It is amazing what can be learned from these silent ladies! I think they speak volumes!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Antique Victorian Hardstone Cameo Locket C1875

Hi all! Well September is FINALLY here! Loving it! This weekend is Labor Day weekend. I have always associated Labor Day weekend with the end of summer and the start of cool colors...wearing jackets...and the approaching holiday season. Halloween (my personal favorite!) Thanksgiving...and yes Christmas is just around the corner. I just love FALL!!!

In honor of what I call the BEST time of the year, I am having an extended Labor Day Weekend Sale in my shops. Wicked Darling on Etsy and Love And Honor on Ruby Lane. I will take 15% off of ALL purchases(excluding shipping) starting Thursday Sept. 3rd through Monday Sept. 7th!

Here is a sampling of what you will find in my shops! You can really get some deals...and it is not to early to be thinking about Christmas!

One Of My Favorites! This Is A Micro Beaded Antique Victorian Necklace With A Bird And Bees! C1900!

So come on by the shops! Find a treasure and get a bargain at the same time!
Don't forget that the sale is 9/3 -9/7.

See ya there!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

"The Eagle Has Landed" 40 Years Ago Man Stepped Foot On The Moon...My Nostalgia

This is not a long post...but I do remember where I was waaaay back then! Family and friends sitting around the big TV set...anticipation at a fever pitch! BTW...I was very young when this happened! While sitting around the TV set...I conjured up images from Jules Verne's books that I had read...What would they find on the moon? Will there be monsters there? Can they breathe? And what about all of that cheese? (I was just a child...remember!)

Then Neil Armstrong said those famous words..."One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Thinking back...I think we all had tears in our eyes. It was like WE were right there...on the moon...with Neil Armstrong!

It was just one of those moments that I will always remember. And of course...all of us kids had to go outside and look at the moon..."I think I see them!"..."Me too!"..."Me too!" We were much more naive and unsophisticated than kids are today! But we had fun!

The watch that is pictured at the top of the post is mine. I have had it all of these years. My Daddy gave it to me in 1969...and as you can tell from the condition...I wore it everywhere! But ya know still keeps perfect time!

Anyway...just thought I would share that with you! Now grab a piece of outside...and look at the beautiful wonder that is the moon!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Portraits...Photos...And Purses...Oh My!

This is one of my antique Victorian purse lockets that I am featuring in my Etsy shop...Wicked Darling.

OK...Yes...this is a shameless plug for my shops! But I just thought I would share a few items with you. I hope that you will enjoy looking at these pieces. For more information on each...just click on the links...It will take you straight to the listings. :)

This is one of my favorite pieces...though it has damage to the back...This tortoise shell locket features a gorgeous high relief cupid on the front. This locket can be found in my Ruby Lane shop, Love And Honor.

These old tintype photos are fabulous!!!!

Sadly...this is the damaged side...but it still awesome!!!!!

So in case you have not found the "hidden" links to both of my shops...I will share them with you right now! My Etsy shop is Wicked Darling and my Ruby Lane shop is Love And Honor...Both shops feature a selection of antique and vintage jewelry. Take a look! You might just find a treasure!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Beaux Art Style Antique Jewelry

Recently I acquired the locket above. It fascinates me...the snakes and mythical looking creatures on it...So I began my research on mythical creatures. Using keywords like snakes, dragons, beast, sea serpents and wolfdragons. George Nathanial Steere and his company GNS CO. produced many fabulous pieces of jewelry in the Beaux Art style. Gorgeous antique jewelry!!!! A couple of years ago there was a site devoted to Mr. Steere and his jewelry, but unfortunately the site is no longer there. Sad because it was chock full of fantastic information! Besides learning of what a genius Mr. Steere was...I discovered a new term that had eluded me all of these years! Beaux Art Style. I have a house full of reference books on every era of jewelry...and am constantly doing research...yet somehow had never heard this term used. I always put these items...with mythical creatures and the Art Nouveau and Victorian periods. While the locket above has "some" elements that can be attributed to the Beaux Art style...such as the snakes and lions?...bears?..dogs?...the actual locket itself looks very Victorian. Originating in Paris, the Beaux Art style was a major influence on American architecture from the 1880s through the 1920s...and was totally embraced by the nouveau riche industrialist here in America. Featuring neoclassical designs that were very ornate...It found it's way into the mainstream of art, architecture...and yes jewelry! Below are some pieces that I own or have owned...that I thought I would share with you. Enjoy!

This is a close up of one of the cuff links below. Notice the details of the mythical sea serpent. I have also heard this design referred to as a dolphin.

These are absolutely gorgeous...and luckily...I have not parted with them!

They date to the 1880s. I acquired these beauties from a seller in the UK a few years ago.

This is a locket that I previously owned...featuring a winged dragon holding a shield in his mouth.

This is a man's watch fob...large faux amethyst with a snake. Heavy gold gilt.

This is just one of the strangest creatures that I have seen on a locket! A winged sea creature with a scorpion like tail. How would you like to meet up with this guy while boating!!!!!!!

Another gorgeous example of Beaux Art style...mermaids...or mermen. They look like an architectural detail that you would see on a turn of the century mansion. Or possibly figureheads on an old galleon.

And this fabulous locket...boohoo...boohoo...I am so sad that I parted with this piece! It was one of the most amazing lockets that I have ever owned! After reading the article on George N. Steere...I can almost...without a doubt...contribute this piece to his work! Note the green eye!

A side view of the locket. Look how detailed!

And Finally...this tiny clip. Sometimes this beast is referred to as a wolfdog. He looks fierce!!!! Maybe this will spark a new interest for you. Recently I have seen a few pieces listed on the internet as "Beaux Art style"...So keep your eyes may just find a treasure!

Happy Collecting!

For more antique and vintage jewelry visit my shop!

Wicked Darling