Sunday, July 19, 2009

"The Eagle Has Landed" 40 Years Ago Man Stepped Foot On The Moon...My Nostalgia

This is not a long post...but I do remember where I was waaaay back then! Family and friends sitting around the big TV set...anticipation at a fever pitch! BTW...I was very young when this happened! While sitting around the TV set...I conjured up images from Jules Verne's books that I had read...What would they find on the moon? Will there be monsters there? Can they breathe? And what about all of that cheese? (I was just a child...remember!)

Then Neil Armstrong said those famous words..."One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Thinking back...I think we all had tears in our eyes. It was like WE were right there...on the moon...with Neil Armstrong!

It was just one of those moments that I will always remember. And of course...all of us kids had to go outside and look at the moon..."I think I see them!"..."Me too!"..."Me too!" We were much more naive and unsophisticated than kids are today! But we had fun!

The watch that is pictured at the top of the post is mine. I have had it all of these years. My Daddy gave it to me in 1969...and as you can tell from the condition...I wore it everywhere! But ya know still keeps perfect time!

Anyway...just thought I would share that with you! Now grab a piece of outside...and look at the beautiful wonder that is the moon!

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