Saturday, June 20, 2009

Victorian Bird Lockets

I am writing this post with my sister in mind. She loves her birds...and I am terrified of them! I know that at any moment it will be like that famous Hitchcock movie...I will end end up with my hair a mess and my eyes pecked out! That being said, I do LOVE Victorian lockets that feature birds. They are so beautiful and full of Victorian sentiment.

Victorian Enameled Bird Locket

The Victorians used birds in jewelry to symbolize many things. I ran across this website and absolutely love it! Art Of Mourning. It is one of the most beautiful and informative sites relating to Victorian symbolism. Glorious photos! If you are looking for the meaning of a flower, animal or just about anything in the way of Victorians...then by all means...check out this site!

Victorian Mourning Locket With Black Enamel

These two Victorian mourning lockets were in my collection. The first locket with the mother bird on her nest is now being used by a family for a mourning locket. Someday I may write about the story. It is very touching...and always brings tears to my eyes. I was just so touched that it is now being used for the same purpose it was used for over 100 years ago.

A Victorian Etruscan Revival Locket Showing A Bird In The Hand

A Victorian Mourning Locket That I recently sold from my Etsy shop Wicked Darling

And Finally...two birds for sure! My sister and me...many years ago! Love ya!

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