Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

My Daddy As "Uncle Bunky" On His 1950's Kid's Show

Happy Father's Day to my Daddy! Does this post relate to antique jewelry? Well a round about way it does. You see...when I was a little girl...I loved jewelry! My Daddy worked at a television station. He had a live Kid's show every weekday. He would interview local kids and draw for them. Occasionally my sister and I would be on the show with him...but I think that we both preferred seeing him at lunch everyday...supper time...and on weekends! The weekends is where the jewelry comes in. I would beg for a "real"ring! He would take me down to the jewelry store and buy me a birthstone ring. I would say..."Daddy, is this a real ring?" His reply would always be the same..." are wearing it!" Not just once...but every time that I would "misplace" my ring. We would make a trip to the jewelry store. There is no telling how many rings are buried in that backyard now! Lost while making mud pies with my sister! :) But I am sure that this is where my craving for jewelry began.

Fishing With Daddy In Biloxi

My Daddy, My Sister And Me On A "Treasure Hunt"...
An Adventure That My Sister Will Never Forget...A Stray Dog Bit Her! Yes!!! I Think She Had To Get Those Awful Rabies Shots!....But We Had Fun! :)

Daddy Teaching Me Bad Habits Early In Life!

Daddy With His Daddy "PawPaw"...
PawPaw...My Grandfather...Started My Love For Anything That Came From A Bakery!

Daddy Fishing With Mama's Daddy "Daddy Burgess"

Daddy Burgess...My Grandfather...A Good Man! I Love this Photo!
He Is The One On The Right.
He Would Take My Sister And Me Fishing...He Had The Sweetest Smile And Laugh!

My Mamma And Daddy Today!
I Love You Both! Wish I Could Be There To Give Y'all A Hug!

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

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