Friday, June 19, 2009

Welcome! first blog post. I know that there are so many of us out there...that love antique jewelry! I just wanted to post this pic to start with. I am jewelry crazy...not computer it may take me a few posts to work out the kinks! Right now getting my photos to be in the correct spot is perplexing to me! :) My next post will show more lockets that I have owned...and just to let you know...I have so many pics of antique jewelry to share with you! So do check back!

A Gorgeous Victorian Sea Serpent Locket C1900

I have two online shops. One is Love And Honor at Ruby Lane and my other shop is on Etsy and is called Wicked Darling. Both of my shops feature antique to vintage jewelry. I am partial to the Victorian and Georgian eras...mourning and sentimental my shops reflect my taste. I try to add things on a regular basis...but I can be a procrastinator at times...and sometimes just trying to decide what I am willing to part with can become a daunting task! :)

In the future I will be showing you items from both of my online shops as well as pieces from my personal collection that have either sold or that I can not part with. :)

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