Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Long Hot Summer

"Nobody Panic!...She just got over heated! I will get the mint juleps and all will be fine!"

For the past few days it has been sweltering here in the south! Temps are hovering around the 100 degree mark with the "feel like temps" in the 120s. Needless to say...I have been a whiner about it. "It's just too hot!"...and I have not moved away from the air conditioner. (All the while...I am wearing minimal clothing...shorts and a T-shirt.)

I have been going through some of my jewelry reference books today...trying to stay cool...looking at the fashion plates from the times and just wondering....How in the world did those Victorian women survive this heat??? They say that you don't miss what you never had...namely electricity and air conditioners for these ladies! I mean...when it is hot like this...for me it's no makeup...I always wear jewelry...never too hot for that, after all...hair pulled up onto the top of my head. Just a hot mess!

So then I found this really cool site today, Vintage Holiday Crafts. Lots of clip art and these wonderful fashion plates from the 1850s-1880s. You should check it out! Could you pull these looks off in this summer heat? Think about it! Corsets...wire hoops...pantaloons...Not to mention the actual dresses!

Summer Silk Ballgowns from 1878
These are stunning!

1854 Dress
Notice the bangles on both wrist...Told ya...Never to hot for jewelry!

1869 Bridal Gown And Attendant's Dresses
Don't think I could be a member of the wedding party...Sorry! I would be somewhere else...in just pantaloons!

1881 Seaside Wear
Those hand held fans just would not cut it! Oh...I forgot...There was probably a sea breeze! :)

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