Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ladies' Night - Art Nouveau Lady Lockets

Isn't she lovely...Isn't she wonderful...I just wanted this post to be about Art Nouveau "lady" lockets and how art imitated life...always has and always will. The Art Nouveau Era was at it's best from around 1880 to about 1915. There are elements of the era that show up before and after these different trends and styles merged.

The Art Nouveau era was influenced by beauty and nature. yes beautiful women. Slowly getting away from the very formal Victorian Era...which also featured elements of nature...just in a different and more conservative way. Art Nouveau...which is French for new art...had a light ethereal feel to it. Dreamy...fairy like. Very much an homage to the beauty of women and nature.

In this post I have included photos of antique Art Nouveau lockets that were part of my collection at various times...Just looking at them makes me kind of sad that I have parted with them! They are just beautiful! I have also included photos of women from the same you can see the correlation of art and real life. Enjoy!

This photo reminds me so much of the very first locket pictured in this post. Elegant. Refined. Is she breathing??? Look at that tiny waist! She has to be holding her breath!

Flowing hair...water...the sunrise...a swan...

Again...a beautiful lady or maiden with flowing hair.

Are you getting the picture now? I guess...pun intended! :)

Japanese influence was also strong in the Art Nouveau era. Lovely Geisha with her lover...I am presuming a lot I know...surrounded by curves and flowers. Maybe they are just friends...who knows!

The solemn lady...again curves and flowers. Even the locket itself has been transformed from the standard round Victorian locket. It accentuates the Art Nouveau style.

Flowers in her flowing hair.

A different view of the locket above. Note that the lady on the locket is wearing a locket.

She looks almost child like or nymph like. Very tranquil.

This photo looks so Art Nouveau yet so today as well. One of my favorite photos!

This Art Nouveau locket was most likely a fob for a man's watch chain and would date to the earlier part of the Art Nouveau era...

...While this locket would date to around 1910 or so. This lady is holding a steering wheel! Yes! She is actually driving! Note the flowing scarf on her head.

This lady locket is almost a combination of the photo above and below it.

You can just see it in her eyes..."The times, they are a changing" for women...and I must say...she looks pretty damned pleased about it! Thank you very much! :)

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