Friday, May 11, 2012

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime...Vintage Art Deco Coin Holder

Vintage Art Deco Coin Holder C1930s
Brother, (or sister) can you spare a dime? Why yes I can! I even have a nickel and a quarter! This is one of my latest acquisitions. (Sorry there is no clickable link on this one. I have not listed it in my shop yet.) What we have here is a vintage Art Deco coin holder. It dates to the late 1920s to mid 1930s. This is like a compact that holds coins instead of powder. Back in the day, you could do quite a bit with 40 cents! As my Dad used to say..."When I was a kid, we could go to see a movie for a quarter and stay all day!" Even when I was a child you could buy a "coke and a pack of nabs" for 40 cents! 
(To translate that last sentence: I am from the deep south and we call every soda a coke whether it be a Coke, Pepsi or Sprite. Nabs are the six pack of cheese crackers that you buy in a convenience store.)  
By the way...I am proud to be a southerner!

You open the compact and tah dah...there are your coins! This coin holder is silver plated. There is a ring at the clasp, that allows you to wear it on your finger or a chain. This would allow a woman to have a little money with her, without having to carry a purse.

During the Victorian era, a piece like this would have been worn on a chain attached to a chatelaine. Chatelaines were worn around the waist like a belt. There would be a series of chains attached to the belt. These chains would dangle from the belt and hold items that were useful. Items such as a coin purse, scissors, thimble, needle holder and toothpick. Things that a women would use daily.

I just love the hammered texture on this piece! It is the same front and back. This would be fabulous worn on a long heavy duty ribbon. What a statement piece!!!

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing this unique piece of vintage fashion. If you are interested in purchasing this piece or need more information on it, you can contact me through my shop, Wicked Darling, Even though I have not listed this coin holder yet, I have lots of beautiful antique and vintage jewelry to choose from.

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