Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Morning in May...Lily of The Valley

Antique Victorian 18KT Pietra Dura Mosaic Pin Lily of the Valley

Most people know that each month has it's own stone or birthstone. Emerald being the traditional stone for the month of May. Each month also has it's own assigned flower. May's flower is the Lily of The Valley. This beautiful flower is also known as May Bells. To the Victorians, the Lily of the Valley symbolized purity, sweetness, humility and the return of happiness. 

 "Hey why did you always get to sit in Mama's lap???!!!"  
 May first, also known as May Day, is my sister Sandy's birthday. This is a photo of my Mama holding my sister standing next to them. Here's wishing Sandy a month filled with sweetness and happiness!

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