Wednesday, September 16, 2009

These Victorian Ladies Still Have A Lot To Say!

As a collector and dealer of antique and vintage jewelry, it is so important that we can still find these wonderful photos and cabinet cards of women (men also). Not only for the beauty and history...but also to use as references when researching pieces of jewelry.

Some of the cards or photos are dated...some even have the name of the person and where the photo was taken right on the back. You can pick up a cabinet card or photo for a very reasonable price! It is really fun to display similar items of jewelry found in the photos with jewelry from your own collection. Even placing them together in shadow boxes.

I would like to thank DovelySells, thevintagemode , MarthasAttic, OldTymeNotions and vintagehomerecycled for the use of there photos for this article. You can click on the pictures and it will take you right to the listings in their shops. Be SURE and visit their beautiful shops as well! You will enjoy every minute of it! And yes...Etsy does have Vintage!

Cabinet Photo Of Victorian Young Woman

This cabinet card photo can be found in MarthasAttic on Etsy. Look at that beautiful bookchain with locket attached. Very fashionable! I have to comment on that teeny tiny waist! WOW! She looks just lovely!

This lovely lady can be found in thevintagemode shop on Etsy. Note the long necklace...
It looks to be made of tortoise shell with what maybe a very large tortoise shell locket. She is also wearing beautiful dangle earrings. Also notice the plaid and ruffles together. Somethings are always in style.

Cart de Vista Victorian Woman Sarah Stewart Photograph 1800s

This haunting beauty can be found at DovelySells on Etsy. It is hard to notice the jewelry for her beautiful eyes! She is wearing a bar pin and a heavy chain. The chain most likely is a slide chain that perhaps has a locket attached.

Victorian Cabinet Card Of Lady In Mourning c1895

This somber and sad Victorian lady is wearing a lovely beaded jet mourning necklace with matching earrings. She can be found at vintagehomerecycled.

1800's Antique Victorian Portrait Of An Actress CDV Card

This beauty is ready for the limelight! She is now appearing in OldTymeNotions on Etsy. She is adorned with pearls...earrings and necklace. Definitely not mourning attire. Simply beautiful!

I do hope that you have enjoyed this article! It is true that a picture speaks a thousand words...It is amazing what can be learned from these silent ladies! I think they speak volumes!

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  1. I love these old photographs! They all look so solemn. Great post.