Thursday, April 15, 2010

Please Allow Me To Introduce Jack

Let me introduce you to Jack. He just turned one. I think in cat years that must mean the terrible twos! He chewed my blinds into this shape. This is no camera trick or photo shop. Just the work of Jack. Apparently an artist at heart. (Ha ha...Jack thinks no one can see him. He likes to spy on us.) Just thought I would share a little bit of my home life with you.

This would be Jack with his older brother, Neno. He loves Neno so much and Neno is so patient! Yes, Neno is "a little overweight". Guess Jack thinks he is a giant water bed.

Jack is literally into EVERYTHING!

Disclaimer: Jack did not harm anyone during the writing of this post. Well...Not yet! :)


  1. I usually skip cat posts, but jack is pretty awesome.

  2. I love cat posts and yours is so cute. Jack is such a character, the name suits him.

    We have 3 boys, Stubbers, who is 18, Buddy who is 7 and Homer (our latest addition, who is 14). Buddy is grey and white and the others are black.

    They certainly keep us laughing.
    Lidna B.