Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's May First...Do You Know What That Means?

Yes...time to dance around the Maypole...But more importantly, It's my sister Sandy's Birthday! Happy Birthday to Sandy! This is a pic of Sandy standing on the beach in Biloxi, Mississippi. It was our very first vacation...just a few years ago. :)

Sandy is one incredible person and I am so proud of her! Oh...and I love her a lot! She is a full time mom, sister, daughter, wife, grandmother and friend. She some how finds the time to take care of her family and friends, do volunteer work and go to school. She just started back to college and is making straight As!!! Yep! She just got accepted into the nursing program. She is smart and pretty! Sandy also has the best sense of humor and loves playing practical jokes on people. Let's just say that I have been on the receiving end of quite a few of them. To this day all I have to say is "daddy long legs", and that story comes up!'s funny NOW! I still cringe when I see one of those creepy things. :)

This pic is from Sandy's birthday party...a few years back. Hmmmm seems like yesterday. That's her wicked sister next to her. I seem to remember that a fight ensued over a powder puff...or a doll...or something that day. Can't believe we still have that discussion! :)

Sandy, I wish that I could send you to Scotland for your birthday! I also wish that I could be in Charleston to celebrate with you, but you know that I will be there in spirit. Here's wishing you the best birthday ever! Enjoy your Kentucky Derby party...and your mint juleps. Oh, by the horse, Devil May Care will win! Haha

With all my love,
Your wicked sister. :)


  1. you just gave me the greatest gift ever! You know I love you too. Now how am I suppossed to go take this exam boohooing??haha Thank you for being the best sister ever!

  2. I did not mean to make you cry! I love you! Now straighten up and go take that exam. haha :)