Sunday, May 9, 2010

To Mama, With Love

Let me introduce you to Joyce...Or Mama, as she is known to me and my sister. I love this picture of her! So "Miss Fashion Plate". I have so many wonderful childhood memories of my Mama. She is the best mom ever! Mama always wore the latest styles. Even as a child, I remember the peddle pushers and high lipstick...Dancing to Love Potion No. 9. (Yes she did...but she will deny it!) Hair always perfect. She was beautiful then and she is beautiful now! The only things that have changed over the years are the fashions and the fact that she has become a grandmother and a great grandmother. Frankly, she has a busier schedule than I do and way more energy!

Eat your hearts out vintage lovers! Wish we had this dress! Mama was my girl scout troop leader. Yes, I can remember stacks and stacks of Girl Scout cookies covering the living room. Themed birthday parties for my sister and me. My favorite was the Hawaiian themed party. Mama made grass skirts for everyone! She always made our Easter baskets and they were gorgeous! Even now, every Easter, Mama sends be a package of Peeps. :) She knows that I love them, but doesn't understand why. Haha!

I think that one of the reasons I love Halloween so much is because of my mama! She always went all out for Halloween. We had a huge picture window that the kids would pass in front of to get to the door. She would dress a dress form like a witch and play scary music. She would even dress up herself! Fun. Kids now days just don't realize how things use to be.

But on a more serious note. My Mama is always there for me. She always was and she still is! Mama always encourages me. Dries my tears. Makes me laugh. No matter how stupid I was or how bad I was, she stood by me and loved me. Oh...and when my sister and I were REALLY bad, she would pop us with a switch from a weeping willow tree. (I can look back and laugh at this now.) Not just any switch mind you...My sister and I had caught on to the fact that the "fat switches" did not hurt as much...haha...but Mama was onto us! "Go back and get a skinny switch!" These days you can't do that, but you know what...I am thankful for every single time she made us get a switch! (Well every time except the time she thought I rolled a yard. I didn't, but to this day she thinks I did! haha) Anyway...she taught us right from wrong and I am thankful for that because it showed us that she truly loved us! Mama taught us manners and taught us to treat other people like we wanted to be treated.

This is my Mama, my sister and me. Did I mention that Mama made ALL of our clothes! The prettiest dresses ever! She is also an expert at cake decorating. Over the years, her love of creating led her to flower arranging and she opened a florist. She even did the flowers for my first marriage. Sorry Mama, that marriage didn't take! But the flowers were GORGEOUS!

This is us at the beach on our first vacation. Daddy is taking the pic!

And this is Mama today! With Daddy and her grandson Ben. She looks awesome!

This is Mama with Jon, her grandson. I LOVE this picture!

Mama, thank you so much for all of the years of love and memories! Here's to many more years to come. More memories in the making. I love you so much!
Happy Mother's Day!
Pam :)


  1. Your Mom is Beautiful!
    And she raised a beautiful daughter!

  2. Your Mama is beautiful, and she raised a beautiful daughter! Thanks for sharing!