Saturday, June 18, 2011

This Is It - Art Nouveau Enameled Face Pin - May Look Familiar

Does this face look familiar to you? It does to me! Every time that I look at this Art Nouveau enameled stickpin, I think of Michael Jackson! The eyeliner, the kind smile...and (OK...don't kill the messenger) the nose. It is almost as if someone in the 1890s climbed aboard a time machine and landed in the year 2005...saw Michael Jackson...became a fan...traveled back to the 1890s...and made this stickpin!

As you can see this is signed on the pin "P.S.CO". This is the mark of the Plainville Stock Company out of Plainville, Massachusetts. In business from 1896 to the present time.

You can see the beautiful color in the enamel. It has an iridescent and luminous quality.

The pin is a rolled gold and shows wear to the finish.

This shows the construction from the back of the stickpin.

These enameled Art Nouveau pieces are extremely hard to come by and I am happy to have this one, even with the damage to the enamel. I hope that you have enjoyed seeing it and I hope that it brought a smile to your face. One last thing that you should know. I have always been a fan of Michael Jackson. I feel like we grew up together! So no disrespect was intended by this post.

Happy Collecting!

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