Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Georgian On My Mind - Late Georgian - Early Victorian Bracelet

This is such a gorgeous antique bracelet! For the most part, the research that I have done on this piece suggests that it is Georgian. However, I have also seen this style come up while doing research on Victorian jewelry. It is my opinion that this bracelet dates to the 1830s...possibly 184os. Opinions do change and with more research, I may come to a slightly different conclusion. This antique bracelet is made of silver and is very unique! I will explain more details below.

The bracelet is very wide. There are 16 strands of silver linked chain. There is a safety chain, but I am quite sure that it was added at a much later date. What is so unique about this bracelet, is the fact that there is a clasp on each side. In other words...The chains can be totally removed from the centerpiece. It makes me wonder if this bracelet could have been transformed into a choker by attaching a longer section of chains. I think the loop that you see, was originally used for converting the centerpiece into a pendant. It now holds the spring ring for the safety chain. Of course this is merely speculation on my part. (Speculation...I think I have been watching too much Court TV!)

There are x's engraved on one side of the clasp. Both sides of the clasps work alike.

The centerpiece is beautiful. A small ruby or garnet is surrounded by tiny seed pearls. All encased by black enamel.

Note how ornate the silver work is. Scrolls, flowers and flourishes.

The chain is dainty yet substantial. Each link appears to be handmade.

You can get an idea of how this chain flows when worn. Beautiful!

I hope to find out more about this bracelet. When I do, I will come back and make a post about it. This is just another antique piece that I wanted to share with you. Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Collecting!

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