Thursday, March 13, 2014

March - The Month For Bloodstone

Antique Victorian Bloodstone Fob

Most people associate the aquamarine as the birthstone for the month of March. But did you know that bloodstone is also the birthstone for the month of March? Bloodstone is also known as heliotrope. A green chalcedony with red flecks. The red flecks come from iron oxide present in the stone.
Back of Antique Victorian Bloodstone Fob
In ancient times, it was believed that bloodstone could stop hemorrhaging. It was also used to ward off negative energies.

This antique Victorian bloodstone fob is an excellent example of the beauty of bloodstone. The carved intaglio of a warrior is wonderful. Whether you believe the lore of the stone or not, it makes for a lovely piece of antique jewelry. So timeless. It could easily be worn by men or women. As a charm for a bracelet or placed on a chain or ribbon, to be worn as a necklace.

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