Friday, March 13, 2015

Pretty As A Picture

Antique Hand Painted Portrait Pendant - Brooch
What an unusual find. I have seen and owned quite a few hand painted portrait pieces, but I find this one unique because of the frame and because of the size. It is very large. It is also very ornate. This antique Victorian hand painted pendant can also be worn as a brooch. 
The details in the silver work are amazing. As in one of a kind. You can see the heart shaped cut out right below the portrait. All of the cut out work was done with a jeweler's saw. Quite a lot of work and obviously done by a skilled jeweler. It has six pink paste stones set around the portrait. 
The back of the piece is marked "800". (silver)  It also appears to have been gold gilt. Most of the gold has disappeared and is replaced by a warm patina on the silver. The back, where the portrait sits, has a metal insert. A sturdy piece of fabric was placed behind the portrait. I assume for protection of the portrait and for a more finished look. 
Most likely, this portrait is supposed to portray Marie Antoinette...with artistic license, of course. The portrait is signed, but I cannot make out the signature. The painting is beautifully done. Sad, but there is what appears to be water damage to the portrait. Still a gorgeous piece! It is under glass and I dare not remove it, for fear of further damage to the piece.

You can see how big this piece is. Quite bold and beautiful! A statement piece for sure. 
I believe that this piece dates to the mid to late 19th century. Possibly a bit older.

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