Friday, April 27, 2012

Green Thumb in the Kitchen...My Sister Has One

Aren't these adorable!!!! Yes, my sister Sandy has a green the kitchen! (outside as well)  She emailed me these photos yesterday. "Look at my flower pot cookies." I expected cookies shaped like flower pots, but was blown away by these! She baked and decorated the cookies. Then put them all together. She promptly delivered them as gifts for friends and neighbors. I can assure you that I would have "swiped" one for myself if I lived within driving distance. I can only imagine the smiles that they brought!

My sister is so talented!!! She is always cooking and baking fresh bread, cakes and cookies. Always doing for others and giving back to the community. Driving people here and there. Plus taking care of her family. Oh, and once, she even baked a fresh loaf of sourdough bread for her Irish Wolfhound, Pooka! ( that was not intentional....Pooka just walked over to the stove and took the whole loaf! heehee)... I don't know where she finds the time. Sandy just never stops! I love my little Sis! :)

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