Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tis The Season For All Things Magical - Vintage Carriage Jewelry Box or Jewelry Casket

With the holidays approaching, I start thinking of all things magical. The Nutcracker and fairy tales. Glitter and candlelight. All things warm and cozy. I envision a horse drawn carriage, very similar to this little box, taking beautiful people to the theater on snow covered streets. Men wearing top hats and the women wearing their finest evening attire and fabulous jewels. Oh, and they must be carrying their jewel encrusted opera glasses. OK...So I have a very vivid imagination, but this little jewelry box or jewelry casket, reminds me of those things.

This vintage 1930s jewelry box has design elements of the Art Nouveau era, yet the construction of the box leads me to believe that it not from the Art Nouveau era.

A very romantic and fairytale like piece. A very heavy metal jewelry box. So ornate!

Note the Art Nouveau design elements on the top. Very fluid design.

This magical little vintage jewelry box would make a sweet and sentimental holiday gift. To learn more about this vintage jewelry box, just stop by my shop, Wicked Darling. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog! I hope that you have enjoyed it!

Happy Collecting!

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