Friday, July 8, 2016

Exquisite - Antique 14K Gold Handkerchief Holder on Long Chain With Coral Slide

My friend Hazel said it best. This is exquisite! Somewhat of a mystery piece. It is fairly easy to date just by the design, materials and construction elements. It is 14K yellow gold, coral and enamel. It weighs 34 grams. This antique Victorian beauty dates to the 1860s to 1870s. 

Here you can see this gorgeous tasseled clip. It hangs from a super long (60 inches from end to end) foxtail chain. The clip is 2 1/2 inches long and 5/8 of an inch in width. The tassels are made up of the same foxtail chain. Each tassel has a small gold ball at the end.

The clip is artfully hand chased, front and back, with black enamel in the hand chased recessed areas. This type of enamel is known as Taille d' Epergne. (You may also see this spelled Taille d' Epargne.) The person who made this, was most definitely a highly skilled jeweler and artist.

The clip opens and closes by sliding the little "doughnut" up and down. It holds quite well. 
In this photo you can see the coral slide that is fitted onto the foxtail chain. The slide is the same, front and back. The slide is 7/16 of an inch by 1/2 of an inch.

Here is another view of the slide. It is very detailed. Even the sides of the slide are beautifully done. The chain is also amazing. It feels so good in your hands. You can feel the quality of the piece. Just beautiful!

So there you have it. A gorgeous piece that I just wanted to share with you. I hope that you have enjoyed seeing it.

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Tulip

Sometimes I see something that just draws me in. This small Georgian tulip vinaigrette is one of them. Often antique jewelry is beautiful as well as utilitarian. This tulip vinaigrette fits into that category. It dates to the early 19th century and was considered, back then, a necessity.

In those days, the streets nice way to say this...the streets were cesspools. There is no way to get around that fact. Mud and muck, waste, all just dumped into the streets. Not to mention that people did not bathe on a regular basis. So the smells were deplorable. That is why the vinaigrette was considered a must have!

Vinaigrettes were worn to "override" the terrible smells of the day. It would have been worn on a ribbon, chain or chatelaine. The vinaigrette worked by placing a perfume soaked piece of sponge or fabric into the little hidden compartment. Some vinaigrettes had a grille that you could place the fabric beneath. When opened you could take a whiff of the beautiful smell of perfume. Vinaigrettes were also used for holding smelling salts.

Other vinagrettes had small holes in them that allowed the scent to naturally flow through at all times. I cannot say for sure, but I believe that this is one such vinaigrette.

There are some small holes in this piece. It looks as though someone tried to fill them with glue. Such a shame.

Here is another view of the tulip. I can only imagine how beautiful this was when it was new. Now, the enamel is quite worn and missing in places. The gold gilt is also very worn. The bale is loose and has been glued.

It would be wonderful if I could have this restored! Maybe someday. For now, I am content just to own this beauty. Yes, I said beauty. To me it is beautiful just the way it is. Can you imagine the stories this piece could tell! The history! Maybe someone like Jane Austen wore this. Who knows. Well a girl can dream.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Knock on Wood - Faux Bois

"Faux bois (from the French for false wood) refers to the artistic imitation of wood or wood grains in various media. The craft has roots in the Renaissance with trompe-l'œil."

My latest find! An antique Victorian locket. So unusual. It has a cool faux bois design done in pink and green gold. I have not tested this yet, but believe the outer shell to be gold. The interior seems to be a gold gilt base metal.

The back has the same design. Love that the buckle or strap is "attached" with a silver screw. Reminds me of an old wooden trunk or pirate's chest.

You can see that the inside has some wear to the gold gilt finish.

The locket still has the original glass compartment or photo covers. Also an original piece of paper that came with the locket when it was new. The glass pieces are loose, but may stay in place when photos are added.

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Real Life Tragedy - Comedy Masks

Tiny Antique Victorian Locket
This is just my observation, but the photos in this antique locket remind me of the Greek tragedy and comedy masks. She looks so upset and or stern. He looks quite pleased with himself. Her facial expressions are quite typical for Victorian era photographs. His facial expressions, on the other hand, are quite refreshing. Very unusual to see someone smile for the camera back then. Doesn't he look like he just told a not so polite joke? She must not have found it to be so amusing. :)

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Color For Fall

Silver Antique Cannetille Paste Brooch

This is such a great way to add a little color to your fall wardrobe. An antique Victorian silver cannetille brooch with green and pink paste stones. It dates to the 19th century. Just a sample of what you will find at Wicked Darling.

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Pretty As A Picture

Antique Hand Painted Portrait Pendant - Brooch
What an unusual find. I have seen and owned quite a few hand painted portrait pieces, but I find this one unique because of the frame and because of the size. It is very large. It is also very ornate. This antique Victorian hand painted pendant can also be worn as a brooch. 
The details in the silver work are amazing. As in one of a kind. You can see the heart shaped cut out right below the portrait. All of the cut out work was done with a jeweler's saw. Quite a lot of work and obviously done by a skilled jeweler. It has six pink paste stones set around the portrait. 
The back of the piece is marked "800". (silver)  It also appears to have been gold gilt. Most of the gold has disappeared and is replaced by a warm patina on the silver. The back, where the portrait sits, has a metal insert. A sturdy piece of fabric was placed behind the portrait. I assume for protection of the portrait and for a more finished look. 
Most likely, this portrait is supposed to portray Marie Antoinette...with artistic license, of course. The portrait is signed, but I cannot make out the signature. The painting is beautifully done. Sad, but there is what appears to be water damage to the portrait. Still a gorgeous piece! It is under glass and I dare not remove it, for fear of further damage to the piece.

You can see how big this piece is. Quite bold and beautiful! A statement piece for sure. 
I believe that this piece dates to the mid to late 19th century. Possibly a bit older.

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Strong! Smart! Beautiful! Independent! Amazing!

"The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud."....Coco Chanel 

I've had the privilege of being raised and graced by the presence of so many amazing women. My great grandmothers were both strong women. They had tough lives, but made it through with grace and perseverance. Both so different, but with qualities that made them so much alike. Strength, intelligence and kindness. The same goes for my grandmothers. One worked in a garment factory and the other had a restaurant. Both worked from sun up to sundown and still managed to raise their families with the same qualities that they learned from the great women in their lives.

My mama followed in their footsteps. An amazing and kindhearted woman! So loving. A great sense of humor. She has worked hard her entire life. Owning and running a florist business. Still managing to keep us all in check, and run a household. She did it all! She has passed down her values to me and my sister, grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces and nephews. AND she still runs circles around me! :)

My mother in law was also a wonderful woman! She was smart, funny, loving and hardworking. A joy to be around! Sadly we lost her a few years back, but her spirit is always with us. I learned so much from her! I miss her so much!

My sister is one of the strongest women that I have ever known. She has gone through so much, but has come out even stronger. Always kind. Patient. Generous. And above all, she keeps a sense of humor! No doubt, her children and grandchildren will follow in her footsteps.

Today is International Women's Day. Equality matters!

Sending love to all of the amazing women in my life!

Friday, March 6, 2015

All Dressed Up and No Where To Go


"Once you've dressed, and before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off." A quote from Coco Chanel. I don't believe that this young lady (pictured above) took Ms. Coco's advice. Or maybe she did. haha! Actually, that photo reminds me of myself, as a wee little lass. And even today, if I could get away with it, I would! I mean, who doesn't feel the need to wear a tiara on a daily basis? 

Vintage 1950s Beaded Glass Choker
Vintage 1940s to 1950s Rhinestone Cocktail Ring
Vintage 1950s Cobalt Blue Beaded Choker
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